Family Events

Throughout the year a variety of events are available for families in our Eureka Community! Please join us as we grow in fun and fellowship with one another.

Upcoming Opportunities


Summer Fun!
Join us for some family fun this summer! 
City Museum
Date: Wednesday, July 26
Time: Arrive at 9:30 a.m. at the City Museum to get your tickets, leave when you want.
Cost: $8.00 for admission 
(Rooftop included as a donation from a loving member!)
Details: Bring a sack lunch or buy one.
  • Register by emailing Lauren Bates at
  • Grades 5 and up that would like to attend contact Lauren Bates 2 days prior if you need a ride! 
  • Grades 4 and below must have a parent/chaperone with them (older sibling is fine.)