Sunday School

Summer 2018 Sunday School Schedule

Welcome: Sunday School provides a fun and safe atmosphere where children can learn more about Jesus each week and build relationships with loving Christian adults and other children. While Sunday School does not take the place of the most important teacher in a child’s life (you, the parent!) it is here to support you and provide the love and support of a Christian family.

What do I do to register my child? Please fill out a registration form available at Sunday School and turn it into your child’s teacher! You may also list any other additional items we may want to know about your children. (e.g. They are shy, they are allergic to something, etc.). We want to know your child’s needs to the best of our abilities.

When time is Sunday School? 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

What does my child do in Sunday School? Here is a breakdown of our current Sunday School Ministry.

Sunday School (Ages 2-4)

2's: Your child will be cared for in our Church Nursery during Sunday School.

3’s and 4’s Sunday School: Games, Songs, Crafts, and Snacks! Our 3’s and 4’s Sunday School is a great way to get your child learning to interact with other children. They will also begin to learn different Bible stories throughout the year. Little ones spend multiple weeks on one story making it easy for them to learn!

Location:Early Childhood Classrooms located down the hall from the Worship Center.

Teachers for 3’s and 4’s:

Sunday School 242 Kids (Kindergarten-Fourth Grade)

K-4thgraders begin each Sunday morning in the Gym. There they will meet as a large group and discover the theme for the week. Each lesson begins with an opening led by loving volunteers and other students. This could be a skit, game, video, etc. From there, classes break off to small groups and enjoy relational and learning time with their teacher and other students.

K-4th Small Group Leaders:
K-4th Helper:
K-4th Station Leaders:


5th and 6thGrade Junior Youth

Location: Meet in the Gym

Our fifth and sixth grade classes are combined on Sunday mornings. Kids learn through games and activities as well as discussions. This fun atmosphere is a nice change from the typical weekly school classroom and is led by loving parents.


Sunday School Procedures

Sign In/Sign Out: At St. Mark’s, we do our best to ensure the safety of your child. We ask that you please sign your child in and sign your child out of class for ages 3 years old-4th grade. (Older siblings may sign out younger siblings.) This will also allow us to know where you are during the Sunday School hour. Sign in books are located in the classroom (for 3’s and 4’s) and in the gym for ages K-4th Grade.

Offering: Special offerings may happen throughout the year during Sunday School! We encourage families to tithe in our Worship Services together and begin a habit of giving back to the one who gave us everything!

Attendance: Sunday school is so special and so much fun we want to celebrate the attendance of your child. When a child comes for any four Sundays (Ages K-4thgrade) he/she will get to pick a prize from our Treasure box.

Bringing a friend: If you bring a friend to Sunday School your friend will be introduced and you will also receive a special prize!

Other activities outside of Sunday School: Children’s Ministry offers a variety of special events throughout the year! Keep your eyes peeled for events in the Scribe and weekly announcement sheet!

For the Parent on Sunday Mornings: When you drop your child off at Sunday School you have a variety of options. The options are as follows..

1.Stay with your child. You are always welcome to stay at Sunday school.

2.Bible Study. A variety of Bible studies are offered throughout the year.

3.Volunteer. We could always use your help in Sunday School or the Nursery.