Mission Statement / Philosophy

Our Statement of Mission

"Equipping young minds for service to God, family, and community through daily study of His Word and academic excellence."

Philosophy of St. Mark's Lutheran School

Goals and Core Values of St. Mark's Lutheran School

At St. Mark’s Lutheran School:

A. The child will be taught to see that, because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the love and forgiveness of God is the foundation for all growth: spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, and social.

B. The child will be taught to see and relate to God in all aspects of school life. The students will learn of God as Creator in science; God as Preserver and Judge in history, etc.

C. The child will be taught to recognize and appreciate the work of the Holy Spirit as He encourages, comforts, strengthens, and teaches the child about Jesus Christ in every aspect of life.

D. The child will be taught the Word of God as God's direct revelation of Himself. All subjects will be taught in harmony with this Word.

E. The child will be taught that the Devil exists as a very real and present threat to God's people. The child will be taught to stand firm and resist Satan with the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18).

The Children Served at St. Mark's

The teachers and staff at St. Mark’s believe:

A. Each child is a unique creation of God but separated from Him because of the sinful nature of mankind.

B. Because of God’s work through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, each child is set free from the bondage of sin and is uniquely equipped to develop the abilities and gifts given to him.

C. Authority, when used in accordance with God’s Word, is a tool which will help each child grow and make responsible Christian choices.

Position Statements

A. A variety of teaching methods will be used to help each child attain individual academic excellence.

B. Effective discipline depends largely on the integrity of the home/school relationship. The cooperation of parents is necessary to maintain the highest possible academic and discipline standards.

C. The teacher is responsible for managing student behavior in the classroom through love and consistency. The ultimate goal is that each child will learn to demonstrate self-control and self-discipline.

D. The standards at St. Mark’s meet or exceed national expectations.

E. Efforts will be made to identify any potential factors that may inhibit a student’s learning process. If identified, parents will be provided with an outline of options related to the available services and support within St. Mark’s school and the support opportunities that are available through the public school districts.