Principal's Welcome

Welcome to St. Mark’s Lutheran School, Eureka Missouri website. We are excited to have this opportunity to share our school with you.  Our mission is "equipping young minds for service to God, family, and community through daily study of His word and academic excellence.”

As you browse through the various links connected to this site, you will see why St. Mark’s Lutheran School has earned its outstanding reputation for providing children with a high-level of competencies in all subject areas that far exceed the basic requirements and minimal expectations in most school settings. When your child graduates from St. Mark’s, he or she will be equipped with the academic skills and social abilities to meet the challenges presented by our world.

We are fully accredited by the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation commission.  We are also accredited by the Missouri Department of Education. Our teachers are all highly qualified and meet certification standards for the state of Missouri. 

The dedication and love, which comes from this staff shows in every area of our instructional and social programs-making St. Mark’s Lutheran School a respected and nurturing environment from which children learn and grow into leaders.

We have the great pleasure and honor of emphasizing Christian teachings and activities that develop in our students, a strong, secure, and independent child who knows the importance of a faith walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This allows Christ’s teachings to guide them in their daily lives.

The academic program at St. Mark’s Lutheran School concentrates on allowing children to reach their full academic potential. We continually evaluate our educational programs and will make changes, as needed, to keep our students performing at levels above grade level expectation.

If you would like more information about St. Mark’s Lutheran School or a campus tour please feel free to contact us by phone at 636-938-4432 or email me at

Mr. Mervin Dehning